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  2. adriftatsea:

    Self Portrait/April 2012/Brooklyn

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  3. overexposure365:

    day two hundred and ninety-two: popsicle.

    i was ironing, and then i heard the ice cream man.

    noms ensued.

    this popsicle was lime and salt flavored. it was weird, but not bad.

    the other one i got was a piña (pineapple) paleta. and it was made with real fruit! not bad for a dollar!

    also, eating popsicles on the porch of this house reminds me of some simpler times… 


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  4. overexposure365:

    day two hundred and eighty-six: block after block

    two Matt and Kim references in a row?

    me and my fat ass at different times of the day.

    photo idea credit goes to Bryan the Photo Geek and his original post

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  5. Overexposurephotography

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  6. chuckhistory:

    I just found my picture from the Gretchen Jones show Self Portrait Project photo booth. 

    The models aren’t the only ones walking around half naked sometimes here at New York Fashion Week. 

    I have a feeling we’ll see more of Chuck McCarthy on BBF this week.