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  3. It’s Wednesday, let’s play catch up!

    If you haven’t made it over to Chubstr yet this week (what are you waiting for?) here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve missed:

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  4. The Ultimate Question: Facial Hair - Yes or No?

    Head on over to our Facebook page and weigh in…

    This week we want to know how you feel about facial hair—love it, hate it, prefer the mustache or goatee look? Vote for your preference and while you’re at it, don’t forget to ‘Like’ our page!

  5. What are you most looking forward to finding in your Easter basket this year?

    The inquiring minds at Chubstr want to know!

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  6. What's the hardest piece of clothing to find in your size?

    Our inquiring minds want to know, so head over to our Facebook page and tell us. Is it shirts, pants, hats, blazers or something else entirely? 

    We want to know!

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  8. We’re not above bribes.

    We’re launching our new site, Chubstr on Tuesday, and we want to make sure that you’re in the loop.

    Why? Because we’re going to start giving things away when the site launches. Giveaways like gift cards, clothing, shaving kits, and beer. Ok, no beer, but we ARE giving away lots of other goodies, and the only way you can find out about them is to get more social with us:

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