1. Premere Johnson Reppin big nigguhs in a real big way. Found some 2xl Ice Cream BBC made by Pharrell aka Skateboard P. Nike Ace Cuff Joggers. & All White Twilight Zone Reebok Pumps

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  2. Foundry Blue Jean Shirt

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  3. It’s superdumb hot out…so let those extremities breathe.

    I did the total opposite by wearing jeans, but you get it.

    Jersey: NBA.com

    Jeans: Levi’s, JCP

    Shoes: Jordan, Plato’s Closet


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  4. The guy on the left just released a movie and is in the middle of a nationwide comedy tour. It’s our latest Man of the Week, Gabriel Iglesias: http://bit.ly/1rt3lUv

  5. Height: 6ft2 - Waist: 38/40 - Chest: 50/52 (XL -  XXL)

    Denim Shirt Size XL from Gap

    Striped Jersey Tshirt XXL from Red Herring

    Forest Green Track Pants 38” Waist from H&M 

    Shoes Vans Paisley Edition size 11

    Instagram and Tumblr: dtntn (follow me)

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  6. (Source: pebblestheawkwardturtle, via my-little-underground)

  7. richardrushfield:

    Oh what a lovely comic-con part 2

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