1. pocketpsychologist:


    This is the best ALS Bucket Challenge I’ve seen so far.

    what had me cracking up was the way the mask deflated at the end

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    Rumble 59 Schmiere Hard Hair Pomade will keep your hair in shape! The strong hold pomade is suited for thick and unruly hair. What are you thoughts on this pomade? #pomade #hairpomade #schmiere #Rumble59 #hair #barber #barbershop (at www.pomades.com)

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  5. Track: Happy Idiot



    TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot

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    Just picked up this pair of @wolverineboots via @eastdane plus a few other goodies - they’re on their way to Chubstr HQ right now! #leather #boots

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  8. A big guy puts Wolverine 1883 boots to the test: http://bit.ly/1Ck4J2O

  9. hypebeast:

    A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman by Mikael Jansson for Vogue

  10. basquavita:


    at first I lol’d.
    but then I srs’d

    this ruins everything

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