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    When I start drinking..

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  2. Armando makes Hawaiian shirts look good. Recreate the look (or send us your photo): http://bit.ly/1qGAU5J

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    Chubstr made it into the New York Times and we’re giving you a closer look at one of the photos featured in the article. Take a look at Bruce’s 3 piece suit from Indochino and learn about their new outerwear collection for fall at Chubstr.

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    Chubby style 100 years ago. Nothing like a Schlitz and a cigar to kick off your day. Top o’ the morning, Tumblr. 

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    Ray Ban glasses, J. Lindberg tie, Van Husen shirt, RL Ralph Lauren sweater.  Trying to sharpen up my look.  Got the shirt at JC Pennys, and the sweater at Costco.  

    See more photos of big gents with style (and send in one of your own) at Chubstr

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    We like this look worn by Jorge Garcia so much that we’re helping you make it yours in this week’s Well-Rounded Gent: http://bit.ly/PpO57s

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    Abaco Plaid Sport Shirt by Vineyard Vines

    Brown Leather Belt by Ralph Lauren

    Tommy Bahama Island Ease Jeans

    Analog Silver Watch by Ted Baker

    JShoes Pink Sport Oxfords

    See more big gents with style in the reader photo section at Chubstr. 

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    Come play with us

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    Shirt/Shorts - JC Penny
    Socks - Journeys
    Shoes - DC
    Cap - Cub Couture

    Share your photos with Chubstr. Tell us what you’re wearing and where you got it - just like this guy did - and we’ll post it for the world to see. 

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