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  2. xkot:

    Photo by Neil Jarvie — Vielmehr Klampfe and Ben Richards in London, United Kingdom

  3. Today we answer your questions about cuffing your pants, cool dress shirts & the dreaded bulge. Find out what the hell that means: http://bit.ly/1szoArt

  4. (Source: buffetcity, via chubstr)

  5. 45 years ago we walked on the moon. Today, GE & Android Homme are celebrating with a limited edition space sneaker made from high tech materials. Find out how you can get a pair: http://bit.ly/1suu6LK

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  8. lionversusbear:

    Hard light II 

    (via thedailybeard)

  9. We’re kicking off the week with a photo from Colin, who shared this pic & some kind words. Here’s what he had to say: http://bit.ly/1qyTtYM

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