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    Something for the plus size fellas! 

  3. chubstr:

    We visited the Indochino Traveling Tailor in San Francisco to learn how to create the perfect big and tall suit. See what we learned (and find out where the Traveling Tailor is going next): http://bit.ly/1nvJO7X

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    Drawing of an exceptionally handsome ukulele player by yooni2010.

    This is basically me.

  5. Zhaun shows his style in today’s reader photo (via instagram). Here’s a guy who knows how to put together a look. See where he bought the pieces and make his style your own: http://bit.ly/1uzUUXl

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    Tyler Labine plays Lumpy, the oft-obnoxious best friend and best man to Long’s character Scott. While at their wedding, Lumpy unexpectedly dies, causing Scott and Kristin (played by Weixler) to cancel their honeymoon and fly to the midwest to help with funeral arrangements. Once they arrive, they learn that there was a lot more to Lumpy than they knew.

    At first glance, it looks like a “funny fat guy as the best friend” kind of movie, but after watching the trailer, it seems to be more than that. Watch the trailer at Chubstr and tell us what you think: http://bit.ly/19aJrnH

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    In this week’s edition of The Well-Rounded Gent, we get our hands on a brand new Perfect Cardigan from Costello Tagliapietra. See more photos: http://bit.ly/1vxTIX8

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    Josh from Oz brings together 3 things you guys seem to love: Beards, Bow Ties, & Suspenders. Find out why he got all gussied up over at Chubstr: http://bit.ly/1eTBDbC

  9. chubstr:

    Ralph Lauren bowtie. Jean shirt from Casual male XL. Corduroy sport coat via random Thrift shop. 

  10. Nino shows us #plussize on a budget in today’s reader photo at Chubstr. See where he got all the pieces and share your own photo: http://bit.ly/1vCNVRP